Success Stories—Patrick Arden McNally

I have gone through the Electrical Sensitivity battle, and have won. I credit it to two healing techniques, and one energy clearing technique.

1. Electrical Sensitivity Reiki. I founded (actually was gifted) this system to help all who have electrical sensitivity release mental/emotional patterns that are attached to fear, hatred, anger, and negativity towards electricity, and re-pattern the aura and body to not be affected by electricity any more. A session includes energy healing, intuitive counseling and electrical clearing, clearing out all electricity that is keeping you magnetized to more and more electricity coming into your body. A session is offered at a discounted price as I have great compassion for all who deal with Electrical Sensitivity. $35 for an hour-long phone session. My number is 218-206-2724, and my website is

2. Homeopathy. At my deepest point of electrical sensitivity, homeopathy healed my electrical sensitivity about 80%. I was gifted a remedy called ytterbium (which was imported from Austria). There is a book, which I don't know the name of, about remedies to cure electrical sensitivity. I would not list this if it didn't work. Instantly I felt about 70% better and over the next couple weeks it grew to about 80%. Please consult a homeopath before you get a remedy as there are many and they will know how to choose the one that is right for you. The homeopath that introduced this too me and knows the name of the book is MaryLu at

And the energy clearing technique is an epsom salt shower. By getting wet, rubbing epsom salt all over your body and letting it sit for 5 minutes and washing it off, you clear the electrical charge from your body. This is good to do daily if you use a computer or other strongly charged electrical devices.