This page is published on behalf of an electrically sensitive friend who gave me, Gilligan Joy, the full text. See also Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter.

The List

What follows is a list of physicians and other healthcare practitioners who have died and yet, are still available to treat people who are open and interested.

I met the first physician through my exposure to the work of Machaelle Small Wright. See Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and MAP - Medical Assistance Program. At a time when I was extremely ill, very near death, in an isolated location, adequate medical care was neither logistically nor willingly available to me.

In Machaelle’s work I saw expanded possibilities. I pursued and developed a series of relationships with the members on this list for the purpose of receiving the medical treatment I needed, and for others also. The fact that I am alive and progressing towards health I owe to them.

I offer this list to those open, interested and in need. Their services are free of charge. I am grateful to contribute something to others as a result of what I have survived.

If you wish to receive treatment: find a space to be alone, lay down, call the name of the practitioner with whom you’re interested in working, call it several times either mentally or out loud, wait 10 seconds, tell her or him what is going on with you, for what you are seeking help, and relax—the healing will begin.

Treatment times may vary. Sometimes a series is needed. You may experience tingling or other sensations. You can use your intuition, muscle testing, or other forms of dowsing to communicate with your practitioner about the specifics of your treatment. A good presentation on muscle testing can be found in the Microbial Balancing Program Handbook, User-Friendly Edition by Machaelle Small Wright. You can contact your local dowsing society for help with dowsing practices.

A better understanding of this type of work can be gotten by reviewing the books I’ve mentioned by M.S. Wright.

What is available is miraculous by current standards. If you can allow one hour for the fullness of a massage to unfold I think you will find it remarkable. Feel free to circulate this to those interested and in need.

Offered in Grace

The List

Some of their names are unusual because they are not from our current culture:

Lorpuris: (Lor · pure · iss) Physician, Dentist, Chiropractor, Network Chiropractor

Master Li: Acupuncturist, Energy needles & cups

Golden Flower: Acupressurist

Walter: Physician, Chiropractor, Network Chiropractor

Suron: (Sir · on) Chiropractor, Massuer, Foot Reflexologist, Deep-Tissue Massage, Facial Release

Peter: Physician, Internal Medicine, Stops internal bleeding, Cranial Sacral

Rona: (Roe · na) Massuse, Foot Reflexologist, Deep-tissue, Neck and Shoulders

Pauqo: (Pow · coe) Physician, Specializes in heart conditions, Creates ease and comfort in the dying process

Kori: Physician, Increases vitality and strength, Creates ease and comfort in the dying process

Wyruck: (Weŕe · uk) Physician, Treats Macular Degeneration

Rupilo: (Rue · pu · low) Physician, Eye specialist, Treats Cardiovascular Conditions

Suroi: Physician Specializing in Radiation Sickness, and General Practice

Lina: Physican, Treats Radiation and Pain of any type

Ida: Physician, Gynecologist, Helps in Conception

If you need any type of medical care that does not seem to appear on this list you can ask Lorpuris to find someone who can help you.

Emotional therapy—for example, for trauma, anxiety, or anger—is available by using the Calibration Process found on page 125 of MAP - Medical Assistance Program by M.S. Wright.

Be creative.

Ask for what you want.

The development of these beings is enhanced by their working with us.