Success Stories

If anyone knows of a person who has healed intense nerve pain in the inner ear, please contact me, because someone I know would like your help! Thank you.

Patrick Arden McNally—Patrick is a healer who has freed himself from electrical sensitivity, and he can help others do so also. His approach is different than mine, but his solution for electrical sensitivity may work better for you than the healing program that I present on this website. Try one or try both, or combine the two programs. Patrick has written the Electrical Sensitivity Ebook, which is a guide to overcoming electrical sensitivity.

Susan Parsons—Susan has made great progress toward freeing herself from electrical sensitivity. The keys to her healing are to avoid man-made electromagnetic fields as much as possible, to have her mercury amalgam fillings replaced with the proper protocol and to take better care of herself nutritionally. Her progress in healing was set back somewhat after a Smart Meter was installed on her house, but she continues to make progress. Please see her WEEP Initiative LIVING WITH ELECTROHYPERSENSITIVITY web page where she shares her thoughts on overcoming electrical sensitivity: I highly recommend that you take the time to read it.

Ed from the Netherlands—Ed freed himself from electrical sensitivity and other health problems using a combination of emotional healing, diet and detoxification. I highly recommend that you read his website. Please see the following pages to get started:

Dr. Lisa Nagy—Dr. Nagy is free from both electrical sensitivity and MCS after successful treatment.

Anonymous—Complete healing of electrical sensitivity with Astragalus Root.

Marc Martin—Marc is symptom-free but he still has electrical sensitivity. He spends a long time working with computers both at home and at work and is the moderator of the ES Discussion Forum.

Book: Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity—A married couple share what they found to be the most effective and critical methods necessary for healing severe chemical and electrical sensitivity. The exact steps for healing are listed, and they all can be done from home. Additional treatment options are examined and rated by the author. The author and his wife hope others with these afflictions might benefit from what they learned from their intense journey, and perhaps find real hope and an optional path to complete healing.

Anonymous Canary—Miraculous healing after removal of dental amalgams.