My Personal Story

I Install a Radar Shield

Hot water heater insulation

I knew that there was a shielded room in the building I worked in, and believed that I could work in it safely. I asked my supervisor if I could move my office into the shielded room, but my request was refused because I could not prove my need for it. Then I had a brilliant idea: I could protect myself from radar most of the time by covering the walls of my office cubicle with hot water heater insulation! I installed the insulation without asking my supervisor for permission, and he didn’t object. Thankfully, this solution worked! Hot water heater insulation looks like bubble wrap with an aluminum foil backing. Radar cannot penetrate aluminum foil.

However, the organization I was in was reorganizing in September 2002, and I had to move to a different office, but I could not take my “radar protection shield” with me. With a supportive letter from the Health Canada doctor and help from the union, I was able to prove to management the need for me to move my office into the shielded room, but this did not occur until mid-November 2002, after getting very sick from several weeks of radar exposure in the unshielded office. I had used up all of my sick leave.

I Start Wearing an EarthCalm Pendant