My Personal Story

I Return to Work

I had no option but to return to my job at the Naval Base. I was terrified. My last hope was to try some other subtle energy devices in the hope that they would protect me from radar. I was cautious about subtle energy devices because I previously had some bad experiences with them, but the salesperson reassured me that I would be safe and that the devices she was selling would not make me sick. This reassurance gave me the confidence to go back to my job, and I ordered the subtle energy devices.

I returned to my job in June 2002, and the EMF protection devices I ordered arrived shortly after my return to work. However, shortly after they had arrived, I discovered that the devices were far more toxic than any other devices that I had tried: they were more toxic than the radar they were supposed to protect me from. I sent the devices back to the manufacturer for a refund. I started to panic. I was back at work with no protection from radar.

I Install a Radar Shield