My Personal Story

Possible Career Change

Organic farm
Scott Bauer

The disability pension was denied because I had been disqualified due to a technical error I had made. My next step was to take advantage of employment insurance and look into working in a different career where my exposure to electromagnetic fields would be minimal, at least in comparison to where I was currently working. My beloved ex-wife and I came up with two possibilities for work: organic farming and community support work.

My wife and I spent a considerable amount of time investigating the possibility of working as farm laborers. We visited and contacted several organic farms in British Columbia and considered traveling to other provinces, but after our investigations, we decided that organic farming was not a good possibility for work for either of us.

My next option was community support work. Community support workers help mentally and physically challenged people (the developmentally disabled). I spent a few hours volunteering as part of the prerequisite for training as a community support worker, and that was a very good idea because I discovered that I became extremely ill when I spent time with developmentally disabled people: I discovered that many of them unconsciously drain energy from other people because they are so needy, and I became extremely ill as a result. I was at least as sick from my energy being unconsciously drained by needy people as I was from radar.

I Return to Work