My Personal Story

Successful Changes at Work!

I decided to ask my coworker if he would mind working without the fluorescent lights, and thankfully, he agreed! My energy level rose dramatically after we stopped using fluorescent lights in the office. I also suspected that I was sensitive to the energy emitted by computers. This suspicion was confirmed after my coworker started working on an unshielded computer in our office: my energy level dropped again. I asked my coworker if he would mind putting the steel case back on the unshielded computer, and after he did so, my energy level went up again. As a further precaution, I ordered a radiation shield called SomaShield for the video display I was using at work.

The SomaShield was a combination of fine wire mesh and leaded acrylic, and it really seemed to help block some of the harmful radiation from the video display, which then used cathode ray tube technology. After I started using the SomaShield, my energy level went up again, and I also found the video display easier on the eyes with the SomaShield installed. I was quite happy with the SomaShield, but it did nothing to block the magnetic field emanating from the electron gun at the back of the cathode ray tube.

Life was much more enjoyable after I had made the changes to my workplace. I no longer needed to rest at work during lunch hour or at any other time, and I was getting along with my beloved ex-wife again. I didn’t know why I was so adversely affected by electromagnetic fields in comparison to other people, but I stopped worrying and began to start enjoying life as much as I could.

Sensitization to Radar