My Personal Story

My Condition Worsens

In September of 1997, we moved to Sooke, which is about 30 km from Victoria. I started taking the bus to work, and my condition worsened dramatically. My fatigue worsened, I became extremely stressed and irritable, and my relationship with my beloved ex-wife was suddenly under a great amount of strain: I was miserable and very difficult to live with. Something had to be done fast, because I knew my wife and I could not go on like this.

For a couple of weeks I didn’t know what to do, but then I noticed a pattern: my health would worsen throughout the workweek, and it would partially recover on the weekend. Something was wrong with my workplace! The other clue was given by John Ott’s book, Health and Light, in which he described some of the adverse health effects of fluorescent lights. Until we moved to Sooke, I had not thought that fluorescent lights could be a serious problem; after all, it’s just light, right? I had never suspected that simple, weightless, tiny photons could have adverse effects on my health like the ones I was experiencing.

Why should the move to Sooke result in a dramatic worsening of my condition? When we moved to Sooke, my commute time was increased by two hours (I was commuting three hours per day instead of the one hour per day while living in Victoria). As a result, I had less time to rest when I got home, and I was spending more time under fluorescent lights because the lighting on the bus was fluorescent. Coincidentally, at the same time my beloved ex-wife and I moved to Sooke, my coworker and I started sharing the same office. Until my coworker and I started sharing the same office, I had only been using half of the fluorescent lights, but after my coworker moved into my office, we started using all of the fluorescent lights. My exposure to fluorescent light had more than doubled and I had less time to rest.

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