My Personal Story

My Diet Improves

I met Amarrah, my beloved ex-wife, in 1996. Amarrah thankfully was an expert in natural healing, and she discovered some important things about my health: I was protein-deficient, hypoglycemic, and I had allergies to wheat gluten and dairy products. I started living with Amarrah in mid-1996 and we got married in August of 1996.

Until I had met Amarrah, I had been living with my parents. It turns out that my diet while I was living with my parents was hardly sufficient for my needs, and my wife corrected this. I started having large drinks for breakfast, including up to six raw eggs blended together with some other stuff. My wife made me the most amazing, healthy meals: she is definitely an expert on health food!

Gradually, my general health improved and my immune system became stronger. My colon pain went away (it had been caused by inflammation from my allergy to gluten: the Master Cleanser removed the protective mucus lining in my colon, which then became easily irritated by the gluten in my previous diet).

However, after more than a year of amazingly healthy food, I was still suffering from fatigue at work, although not as badly as before. It seemed that my diet could not be the source of my fatigue, and I also believed that I was relatively free from toxins after being on the Master Cleanser. My wife had also given me some nutritional supplements, some of which were used to detoxify the body. I really wasn’t sure why I was still getting tired, but my health had improved along with my diet, so I just muddled through, not knowing what else to do.

My Condition Worsens