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A Diet for My Nerves

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Berge Gazen

With this new information, I decided to find out what nutrients the nervous system needs, and started working on the dietary repair of my nervous system. The nutrients that my nervous system seemed to be lacking were Lecithin and Essential Fatty Acids. I also used some Tissue Salts specific to the nerves, and these were extremely effective. I looked into herbal remedies for the nerves also, and settled on Skullcap and Vacha Rasayana (produced by Circle of Health).

When I started on this new diet, I started having strong cleansing reactions; I was getting very tired because my organs of elimination were working very hard. I knew from this experience that there was a great amount of toxins in my nervous system, and that they were being replaced by the good nutrients. I began taking Triphala, a popular whole body herbal cleanser used in India, which cleared out a lot of physical and emotional toxins. Triphala also strengthens the nerves.

All of the products I used for strengthening the nervous system produced a strong healing effect, and I was often tired because much of my physical energy was dedicated to healing as the toxins in my body were eliminated and the nervous system was repaired with the proper nutrients. However, I was impatient, and a few times I overdosed on some of the nutrients I was taking, with the result that I became sensitive to them and could no longer use them. I also put a great deal of unnecessary stress on my organs of elimination due to my high rate of detoxification.

Finally Free