My Personal Story

I Learn Vivation


I seemed to not only have expressed a great amount of fear in my life, but also I seemed to have great amount of suppressed fear. I did some research, and discovered that suppressed emotions can be released by certain challenging events in combination with subconscious triggers; if I could somehow reduce my store of suppressed fear, then perhaps I could reduce my expressions of fear in reaction to life’s challenges and stop burning out my nervous system.

In my research I discovered that breathwork can be an effective means of reducing the store of suppressed emotions, and so I decided to try a method of breathwork called Vivation. I learned Vivation in late 2003 and spent several weeks practicing it intensely. It definitely seemed to help me achieve a calmer and less fearful state, but I was still sensitive to electromagnetic fields. I was still getting sick from radar when I was not working in my shielded office.

I Experience Nerve Pain