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After three years of struggling to keep alive and stay productive at work, I finally had protection from radar! My office was moved into the shielded room in mid-November 2002. Now that I had the energy for it, I decided to determine the causes of my hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields. I took a long look at my character and my life and tried to identify possible causes. Why should I become sensitive to electromagnetic fields while other people apparently are not? What makes some people more able to handle the toxic effects of electromagnetic radiation, while others cannot?

After looking at my character, it seemed to me that I had been a very fearful person for much of my life. In particular, I have been very fearful of certain kinds of responsibility, losing my job and living on the street. I was afraid to have a wife and children because I didn’t want to have the responsibility of being the “breadwinner”: if I were to lose my job, my wife and children would suffer because of me. My beloved ex-wife and I never had children, but the fear of possibly having them almost destroyed our marriage within the first year. At times the fear was so intense that I was unable to function normally; I became paralyzed with fear. For the first few years after we got married, my job at the Naval Base was not permanent, and I was constantly afraid of losing it. Also, during my years at university, I was constantly afraid of failing courses, and for this reason, I did not carry a full course load and took longer than normal to complete my degree.

The spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda has made comments about the prevalence of “nervousness” as a disease, and I seemed to have a very bad case of nervousness. One of Yogananda’s comments stands out: “If we connect a 120-volt bulb with a 2,000-volt source, it would burn out the bulb. Similarly, the nervous system was not made to withstand the destructive force of intense emotion or persistent negative thoughts and feelings.” Perhaps I had “burnt out” my nervous system with my expressions of fear, and the weakened nervous system was responsible for my hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

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