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EMF Safety Network: Take Action—An advocacy group that promotes education and responsible use of EMF and RF technology. This website contains some very concise and practical information on how to take action against the growing problem of ‘smart’ utility meters that emit wireless radiation.

Stop Smart Meters! and Refuse Smart Meters—“A perverse system of social control, and it is a rapidly expanding on a global basis.” Please watch the video, Technocracy: I think this video is very important to view because it explains a lot of things about the “Power Elite” and Smart Meters very concisely and with calmness.

EMR Network—An educational organization working at the federal level to challenge the “thermal model” of harm from radiofrequency (RF-which includes microwave) radiation upon which the US exposure guidelines are based.

EMR Policy Institute—The Institute focuses its efforts on addressing U.S. federal policy for environmental exposures to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR).—The purpose of this website is to bring together people from all over the world that have become victims of insensitive mast and antenna siting.

Mast Sanity—The primary national organisation opposing the insensitive siting of mobile phone and Tetra masts in the UK.

SCRAM—A lobby group in the UK concentrating on health hazards from mobile phone masts and mobile phones.

TETRAWATCH—A research based campaign against TETRA Airwave in the UK.

Mast Action UK—A voluntary national organisation, launched in the House of Commons in December 2000. The campaign was set up to help communities and individuals with mast siting problems.

REVOLT—Opposes unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development in the UK.

Canyon Area Residents for the Environment—The umbrella homeowner’s group serving a community of 10,000 people living on the 5 mountains bordering Mt. Vernon Canyon west of Golden, Colorado.

WEEP—The Canadian Initiative to stop Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution. Also see the related blog, WEEP News.