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Cellular Vibration Therapy—Gary Johnson has worked with many people to effectively treat electrical sensitivity. His knowledge of the illness goes way beyond my superficial knowledge. Located in the United Kingdom.

International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology (Building Biology)—Offers courses for home owners and certification of Building Biologists to learn the methods, practices, and solutions that create a healthy indoor environment.

Zoka Zola’s web page on successfully shielding a house—“As an architect, I was able shield my house and office and reduce EMF by about 97.5%. The project took lots of studying and experimentation. I know that there is lots of doubt in the community of electro-sensitive people if shielding can be done successfully, which is particularly important since it is very expensive to shield a house, and realistically there is potential to make things worse.”

Green and Healthy Homes—Diana Schultz offers Building Biology expertise to help create a healthy home, both chemically and electrically. Diana conducts workshops and travels to wherever she is needed in the United States.

Sage EMF Design—Sage EMF Design has several resources available for people who wish to design low electromagnetic field (EMF) environments or to characterize their exposure to EMF.

EMF Services—Provides electromagnetic field testing and remediation to clients throughout the United States from locations in Florida and California, specializing in electromagnetic interference (EMI) investigations and assessment of human exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

VitaTech—A company in Virginia that specializes in electromagnetic fields: surveys and measurements, exposure and risk assessments, and magnetic shielding solutions. Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Richard Tell Associates, Inc.—Highly competent and experienced consulting help on RF safety issues. Located in Colville, Washington State.

Enviro Health Environmental Home Inspections, Inc.—Provides services for improving the home environment, both chemical and electrical.

EMF Solutions Canada—A Canadian company offering services and products to reduce the problems caused by electromagnetic fields.

Safe Living Technologies—This company provides knowledge and scientifically proven EMF technology to help detect, protect and prevent the negative effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. We will strive to be leaders of EMF prevention technology in North America along with being customer focused and ethical. Located in Morriston, Ontario.—Provides education and services for remediation of electromagnetic fields. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

McGinnis Electric and Electromagnetic Solutions—Healthy wiring for healthy homes, from Walter McGinnis. Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Braga Electric—Specializing in remediation of electromagnetic fields. Located in Calgary, Alberta.

Electric Forester Investigations Ltd.—Electric Forester specializes in the assessment of environments that are subject to levels of electromagnetic exposure well below current safety standards. Electric Forester’s investigators use sensitive instruments to help advise clients on cost-effective ways in which electromagnetic exposure can be minimized. Located in the United Kingdom.

Electromagnetic Surveys Limited, UK—Professional measurement and advice on non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, EMF, and information on common causes of concern.

EMC Consultants Ltd.—Specialists in quantification and control of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation. Conducts power frequency surveys and radio frequency interference surveys. Stebbing, Essex, England.

Enertech Consultants—A company in California that is involved in scientific research and measurement projects of electric and magnetic fields.

Roy Riggs—Building biologist and dowser in the United Kingdon.

Belgian BioElectroMagnetic Group—Researches the effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic 50 Hz fields on health. This group includes experts from nine teams of Belgian researchers.