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The most important products I have found to help with healing electrical sensitivity are referenced elswhere within the text of this web site, but there are some excellent products on this web page for detection of and protection from EMFs.

Plant Air Purifier—A unique system that removes toxins naturally, leaving air free of chemicals, dust, dander and allergies. No filters to replace; the plant does the filtering and is self-cleaning. Hydroculture coupled with an active ventilation cleans 100 times better than a standard houseplant. Cleans a 10 foot by 16 foot room every hour.

RF Sensitive Solutions—RF Sensitive Solutions carries a line of shielding materials. I have more faith in these than in many other shielding materials on the market. The president of the company has told me that they have never received a single complaint about the effectiveness of the Aaronia shielding materials they sell.

Aegis Corporation—This company sells radiation shielding products that can be applied to electronic equipment, washable fabrics and painted surfaces. From a customer: “I am extremely electrosensitive and suffered greatly until I began using their laundry, paint and spray products several years ago. Quite frankly, their products changed my life.”

Spectran/Aaronia—High quality spectrum analyzers for RF and LF. Also see their shielding products.

EMF Safety Store—Sells products for electromagnetic field protection and detection. The company claims that the products it sells are “well screened”, or proven to work.

EMF Safety Superstore—Sells products for electromagnetic field protection and detection.

Technology Alternatives Corporation—A company that specializes in producing low-radiation and low-chemical computer monitors and computer systems.

Better Electromagnetic Environment—A Swedish company that produces computer monitors for people with electrical sensitivity.

Detect & Protect—Provides EMF detectors, EMF protection solutions, and EMF publications.

Perspective Scientific—Provides radiation monitors for ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.