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Electrical Sensitivity

If anyone knows of a person who has healed intense nerve pain in the inner ear, please contact me, because someone I know would like your help! Thank you.—If you think my website is too unconventional and you prefer something more mainstream, may be more your style. Lloyd Burrell covers many of the same topics that my website does but in his own special way.—This is a wonderful website with succinct advice on reducing exposure to EMFs. See Be an EMF Superhero! and Bed Canopies.

Electrical Sensitivity Ebook—Patrick Arden McNally is a healer who has freed himself from electrical sensitivity, and he can help others do so also. His approach is different than mine, but his solution for electrical sensitivity may work better for you than the healing program that I present on this website. Try one or try both, or combine the two programs. Patrick has written the Electrical Sensitivity Ebook, which is a guide to overcoming electrical sensitivity.

Cellular Vibration Therapy—Gary Johnson has worked with many people to effectively treat electrical sensitivity. His knowledge of the illness goes way beyond my superficial knowledge. Located in the United Kingdom.

Raising Awareness about Electromagnetic Pollution—This is an excellent introduction to the topic of electromagnetic pollution and electrical sensitivity by Dr. Mercola.

Electro-Sensitivity: Is it Real?—Magda Havas, PhD., Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, Ontario, Canada presents five documented cases of electro-exposure from her formal studies, where both the causes and symptoms were found to be physiological and not psychological.

A personal EHS Case Study—A professionally written report on EHS by Steve Weller: “I felt compelled to write this personal case study because through my own personal experiences I have found that there is a serious lack of understanding of what Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), also commonly referred to as Electrosensitivity (ES), is and its cause.” This is an extremely well-written report and it is relatively short. EHS sufferers may benefit from giving copies of this report to the skeptics in their life. There is also some good advice in this report on how to protect yourself from EMF pollution.

Lisa Nagy, MD—Lisa Nagy is a medical doctor specializing in environmental medicine. She has recovered from electrical and chemical sensitivities.—A lucid website on the health effects of man-made eletromagnetic fields and loss of legal rights. Sign the ePetition to the United States Congress.

The Electrosensitive Society—The organization for people who are sensitive to electromagnetic pollution.

E.I. Wellspring—Coping with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: a guide for reducing exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields.

ES Discussion Forum—This is an indispensable resource for people with electrical sensitivity.

Planet Thrive—A grassroots community for personal wellness with a focus on environmental and other chronic illnesses.

re|—A site affiliated with Planet Thrive that focuses on housing options for the environmentally ill.

WEEP Initiative—The Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution.

Wikipedia—A good one page summary on electrical sensitivity.

ElectroSensitivity.Org—A good introduction to electrical sensitivity.

ElectroSensitivity UK—Aims to provide unbiased and balanced information to help those who have become sensitive to mobile and cordless phones, their masts, wifi, and a multitude of common everyday electrical appliances.

Sutton Coldfield ElectroSensitivities—A good introduction to electrical sensitivity.—Q & A on electrical sensitivity with Donna Eden.

FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive—This website focuses on electrical sensitivity caused by VTD use.

Computer Monitor Pain—A long page on electrical sensitivity caused by the use of computer monitors.—A Dutch website on electrical sensitivity.

Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age—An excellent article by one of the leading experts on how toxic EMFs adversely affect the body.

Exploring the Spectrum DVD—An excellent DVD on the harmful effects of man-made electromagnetic fields. Some information on this video can be found on YouTube.

Type 3 Diabetes—Diabetes can be induced by exposure to manmade electromagnetic fields in some electrosensitive individuals.

United States National Radio Quiet Zone—Located in Green Bank, West Virginia, this area apparently has lower levels of man-made electromagnetic fields than many other places for the purpose of protecting the National Radio Astronomy Observatory from harmful interference, and for this reason, this area has attracted people who suffer from electrical sensitivity. WARNING: there may be a cell tower going up in the region.