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Master Your Emotions

The nervous system can be burnt-out by too much emotional stress. The spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda says, “If we connect a 120-volt bulb with a 2,000-volt source, it would burn out the bulb. Similarly, the nervous system was not made to withstand the destructive force of intense emotion or persistent negative thoughts and feelings.” Harmful emotional stress can be in the form of expressed emotions and also as accumulation of emotional energy in the body. Intensely expressed emotions like fear and anger may damage the nervous system, and also energetic blockages caused by accumulation of emotional energy resulting from trauma or bad habits reduce the capacity of the nervous system and body in general to handle energy.

There are two ways of reducing emotional stress:

Consciously Cultivate Calmness

One of the great lessons of life is to remain calm, no matter what challenges we experience. This is very hard to do. My personal challenge is to overcome fear, which has caused most of the problems in my life. At times, the fear I have experienced has been very intense, and this damaged my nervous system, greatly contributing to my development of electrical sensitivity.

Meditation is a great help for developing mental calmness. Meditation connects us to the source of peace within us. We need to learn how to carry the calmness found in meditation into our daily activities.

My favorite introductions to meditation are the Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide CD by Shinzen Young and The Mindful Brain audiobook by Daniel Siegel, M.D.. Young and Siegel provide a clear description of the profound benefits of meditation and also a clear description of meditation practice as focusing on the breath. The benefits of meditation not mentioned in these recordings are: some degree of physical healing and creation of good karma. Siegel also discusses the profound benefits of consciously practicing mindfulness in daily life, which is essentially a state of being curious, open, accepting and loving; it is a state of non-judgment. In my experience, the greatest benefits of meditation and mindfulness come from regular and long practice, but profound benefits can be experienced from only 15 minutes of daily practice, according to Herbert Benson, M.D., as stated in his book, Relaxation Revolution.

Siegel lists nine benefits of mindfulness: body regulation, attuned communication, emotional balance, response flexibility, empathy, self-knowing awareness, fear extinction, intuition (respecting gut feelings) and morality (compassion through connection with the whole). “How you focus your attention shapes the structure of the brain; it’s the core of health.” The ultimate goal of meditation and mindfulness practice is to attain a state of unconditional love and happiness.

Brainwave Optimization is an advanced form of Neurofeedback. It seems to have similar effect as meditation for correcting the brainwaves, but accelerates the process dramatically. I have personally experienced this system of healing, and it is profoundly effective when administered by skilled practitioners. A considerable amount of mental, emotional and physical stress is usually experienced as the brain adjusts to being in a healthier state. The creator of the system, Lee Gerdes, has written a book called Limitless You. Brainwave Optimization does not replace spiritual practices but helps to improve their effectiveness.

Kriya Yoga is an extremely potent technique of meditation, but it is more than a technique: it is a way of life. As such, it is not for everyone. The focus of Kriya Yoga is on devotion to God and service and requires a lifetime commitment to Paramahansa Yogananda. However, you can practice the prerequisites to Kriya Yoga to see if it is a good fit for you, without making a lifetime commitment.

Qigong (“energy cultivation”) is a combination of movement and meditation. Two modern forms of Qigong that appear to be extremely effective for achieving a calm state are Spring Forest Qigong and Cosmic Freedom Qigong (CFQ). Qigong can also be an extremely effective tool for healing physical and mental illness because it greatly stimulates the life force.

The following books are recommended for people who are interested in the spiritual path:

Reduce Suppressed Emotions and Integrate Trauma

Suppressed emotions are the result of trauma we have experienced in the past but have not integrated, and they can also be a product of bad mental and emotional habits. Large charges of suppressed emotions can create energetic blockages in the body that cause electrical sensitivity, and they can also cause depression. Suppressed emotions can be released by certain challenging events in combination with subconscious triggers, or with purification practices. By reducing the store of suppressed emotions, the body will become less electrically sensitive because it will be able to handle more current, and the challenging events in life are less likely to result in the release of large charges of suppressed emotions that cause suffering. By reducing the store of suppressed emotions, trauma from the past can be integrated or resolved.

In addition to reducing the body’s sensitivity to EMFs, the benefit of resolving trauma from the past is that we can handle the same events without becoming as stressed about them; we become more peaceful and less reactive. When have more control of our minds and emotions through purification practices, we are happier and have more control of our life. Apparently, it is possible to achieve such a state of composure that even if we are in a war zone with bombs exploding around us, we can be completely at peace within, absolutely fearless, but achieving such an advanced state of composure requires much more than deep emotional healing, and meditation is the best method for achieving that advanced state.

When you understand how challenging events can result in the release of suppressed emotions, you will welcome these events as opportunities for healing. The way to handle the release of suppressed emotions is to welcome them by breathing into them, instead of resisting them. Ram Giri has described precisely how to do this process in seven steps called Open Attention. Resisting the release of suppressed emotions, which is what most people do because they are afraid of losing control, causes a great deal of stress on the body.

There are many ways of reducing the store of suppressed emotions without experiencing difficult or challenging events, but I decided on a breathwork technique called Vivation because it seemed to be relatively safe and simple to practice, but very effective. However, the training for Vivation is expensive. You might be able to learn it from the book. The basic method is to use connected breathing (there is no pause between the in and out breath and no pause between the out and in breath) and breathe into the point of emotional discomfort in the body. The connected breathing helps with purifying the emotional body: it gets the emotions moving out of the body by providing the energy and the channel for doing so, in the breath itself. Breathing into the emotional discomfort is a way of reducing resistance to it (welcoming it) so the emotional blockage can be released. Breathing through the nose seems to set up the best rhythm for healing.

I experienced diminishing returns after practicing Vivation intensely for about six months, and then I stopped practicing it because it was no longer worth the effort. After that, I used many other methods to purify my mind at a deeper level, but my favorite method is meditation because it does far more than purify the mind.

If you decide to use breathwork for healing suppressed emotions, be aware of how it affects your nervous system. Breathwork can greatly increase the amount of life force flowing through the nerves, and if your nervous system is extremely weak, breathwork could damage it even more. Some breathwork techniques are more forceful than others, and some are not really designed specifically for healing suppressed emotions. Be careful. Rebirthing is powerful, for example, but it can bring up so much trauma from the past that it can be overwhelming for some people, or retraumatizing, which is counterproductive.

Acupuncture and herbs can be used to correct mental and emotional imbalances manifesting as either too much energy or tool little energy in different body systems. A single acupuncture treatment can have a powerful and lasting effect on mental and emotional health. Some herbs can be used to painlessly remove emotional blockages (such as fear in the kidneys or anger in the liver). I have used acupuncture and herbs very effectively for my own mental and emotional healing.

The Release Technique / Abundance Course is a spiritual path that is entirely based upon releasing suppressed emotions using willpower. The Release Technique is much more difficult to learn than meditation or breathwork for many people, but the goal is the same.

Inner Influencing is a profoundly effective method of mental and emotional healing. It seems to result in extraordinarily rapid healing. The method is essentially a form of prayer, as far as I can tell, but the “Subconscious Helper Agent” is given requests or instructions instead of God or a saint. I think this approach makes the method far more accessible and appealing to a much broader audience than it would be otherwise. For more information, see the Inner Influencing Quick Start Guide.

There are many energy psychology techniques available now that can help people heal unresolved traumas from the past: Automatic Freedom, which may be the best of the energy psychology techniques due to its love focus, Quantum Techniques, which has helped people to successfully heal chronic health issues, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Be Set Free Fast, EMDR, EDxTM, Zensight and others. There is some controversy over the science behind them and their effectiveness, but they may appeal to you. I have had great success with EMDR.

The Healing Codes may be one of the most effective and easy to use methods of healing self-help available: it is designed to dramatically reduce stress by removing harmful images from the mind and body using a combination of introspection, prayer, special hand positions and focusing on truth statements related to the issue being healed. According to some experts, stress is the primary cause of disease, and the Healing Codes work directly on the source of stress in the mind and body. The Healing Codes are available in a very affordable and easy to use book form, but there are also much more expensive different packages available that are more sophisiticated with different features. I feel that these Healing Codes could significantly improve your chances of overcoming electrical sensitivity and achieving happiness if trauma or suppressed emotions are a significant cause. The Healing Codes method is similar in some ways to the energy psychology methods mentioned in the previous paragraph, but I feel that it is distinctly different, is easier to practice as presented in book form, and may appeal to a broader audience than the energy psychology methods. Please see the Healing Codes Report for more information.

ACCESS BARS© is an extremely easy and extremely effective way to heal. The Bars are 32 points on the head that are lightly touched by a partner, resulting in the “dissipation of the electrical component of thought”: in other words, “running the Bars” will purify the mind, allowing your joyful soul to express itself more freely. ACCESS BARS© appears to be similar in some ways to The Healing Code as presented in book form, but ACCESS BARS© requires a partner and The Healing Code does not. ACCESS BARS© is the beginning level of a much larger system of healing called ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS©.

Releasing the Inner Magician is a process of dissolving traumas in order to remember the reality of your wholeness; RIM helps you unlock your essential self so you can sense intuitive insights and remember your true nature as a whole and complete being. You’ll be surprised how easily your true self makes itself known once you slow your pace to create time for contemplation. When we know and trust who we are, we can stop longing to be someone else. The premise of the process is that we are whole even when we have had a traumatic experience, and everything that is needed for someone to heal either physically or emotionally is already present within the resources of that individual. The experience of wholeness as a result of the RIM process is a felt body experience. RIM is a form of meditation, and the resulting remembering of your true self is profoundly calming and enlightening. This is a very easy and simple method of healing, but it is profoundly powerful. You can do this process with a facilitator, or you can do it by yourself with a book and CD combination, with a time investment of only 15 minutes per day!

Emotional-Mental Detox™ is the first step of the Consciousness 2.0 system of healing. The Emotional-Mental Detox™ is a 6 session, step-by-step program that gives you a deep detox of subconscious programming, limiting beliefs and painful repressed emotions. This is a very easy and simple method of healing, but it is profoundy powerful.

The book, Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness, by Bradley Nelson, describes a unique and effective method of healng. Emotional healing can happen very rapidly with this method. There is unique information on healing the heart in the book. From the free expression and experience of love comes joy. This method initially uses powerful magnets until greater skill is developed, so it may not be suitable for some electrically sensitive individuals. Also, you need to be able to do muscle testing to be successful with this method. Trapped emotions are identified individually and released one at a time, not in groups or bundles.

Bradley Nelson’s Body Code is designed for healing problems that fall under the six categories of imbalance: 1. Organs, glands and muscles; 2. Trapped emotions; 3. Pathogens; 4. Nutrition; 5. Bones, nerves and connective tissue; and 6. Physical toxins. This system a designed to remove the guesswork from healing using muscle testing and Body Code Mind Maps. One imbalance at a time is healed.

If anger or guilt is a major issue for you, then you may want to work specifically on that using the Heart Forgiveness method, created by Dr. Ed Carlson: “Believe it or not, the problems most people face in EVERY aspect of their life stem from ANGER.” Benefits of Heart Forgiveness:

Anger is always caused by frustrated desire for pleasure or avoidance of pain. Anger can be expressed in a relatively healthy way, but I believe it is possible and perferable to become completely free from anger. Guilt is anger directed towards self.

Dr. Carlson has also created the Core Health™ process and the DTQ Process™: “Rather than traditional methods of ‘peeling the onion,’ or chipping away at problems from the outside, Core Health™ leaps to the core of pure health, removing energy distortions for the free flow of positive energy. This radical shift from traditional approaches does not require re-living or re-telling past ‘stories’ — bypassing the pain, suffering, and continually being a victim. You do not have to relive it to remove it! The innovative and highly-effective DTQ Process™ (Deeply, Thoroughly, Quickly) dynamically achieves precise, experienced, permanent re-activation of a person’s innate healthy core.”

If you are open to working with the spirit world, please consider trying the Medical Assistance Program: “MAP is a comprehensive medical program that addresses our general health; any specific illness, disease or condition; injuries (serious or small); our mental health; our emotional health; and our overall well-being. It is a program that connects you with the medical unit of the White Brotherhood where we are each ‘assigned’ a team of physicians whose expertise best meets our individual needs. The only things that are required to do this program are the book and your willingness to learn the program. As a program, it couldn’t be more simple. With MAP you have high quality medical assistance any time day or night — and it’s at no charge.” One of the blessings of working with MAP is that a lot of the guesswork is removed, as the medical team can see exactly what is wrong and provide medical assistance at every level to correct the root causes of a person’s electrical sensitivity. The medical team can help heal a congenitally weak physical body or severely damaged etheric body, which are causes of electrical sensitivity. The etheric body can be severely damaged by psychic attack. Healing a congenitally weak physical body or damaged etheric body is normally extremely difficult without medical assistance of this type. If nothing else works, try this method. MAP can be combined with other methods. Kinesiology is a required skill for this method, and it is taught as part of the method.

Steven Lumiere is a highly skilled energy healer who has helped me personally. Steven offers many services, including Rapid Spiritual-Energetic Healing and Psychotherapy, for healing depression, acute and chronic fears, phobias, anxiety disorders and many other mental, physical and spiritual diseases, rapidly and relatively painlessly. Sometimes there is a spiritual cause of mental illness: some discarnate entities can create depression, fear, and other dark energies in the mind and body. The best course of action for healing mental illness caused by discarnate entities is to raise the vibration as much as possible by focusing on positive energy, and if needed, obtain help from an energy practitioner who performs exorcisms, like Steven Lumiere. The services Steven offers seem to be similar to MAP, but Steven’s services are in high demand and they are not free like MAP.

Carrie Hart’s Guided Meditations are beautiful and extremely effective. She offers them for FREE as downloads. I especially like the Renewal Meditation for cleansing each cell of the body of fear and replacing it with love.

Mantra for Healing, by the Sacred Sound Choir, is a very beautiful recording of one of the greatest mantras for healing and protection. It is very healing for both mind and body.

Ultimate OM, by Jonathan Goldman, is a recording of thousands of voices chanting a rolling OM. According to Yoga philosophy, OM is the cosmic sound of God, the Word that creates the universe. The music is infused with light and love, as Jonathan Goldman instructed his vocalists to do while chanting the sacred sound. It is very healing. It is great for healing suppressed emotions.

The Musical Massage Sound Therapy CD is one of my favorite recordings for healing because the sounds are very soothing, but the healing effect is powerful.

Shri Anandi Ma’s Mantras for Releasing Fear are extremely potent for releasing suppressed fear. Take care that you do not play the CD for too long, or you may become extremely stressed and irritable. Shri Anandi Ma also has Healing Mantras for healing the physical body, Mantras for Abundance and Peace Mantras.

The bocArus CD is specifically designed for healing the mental and emotional bodies. It is very powerful, and should be used with caution.

Meditation techniques will eventually heal suppressed emotions, but this can take a long time because meditation works at a subtle level. The coarser vibrations of suppressed emotions are usually healed more quickly with techniques specifically designed for that purpose. Healing suppressed emotions will directly improve your experience and depth of meditation.

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