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Diet for the Nerves

My belief is that the symptoms of electrical sensitivity are primarily due to a severely weakened nervous system being overloaded by electromagnetic fields. Therefore, strengthening the nervous system is of paramount importance in order to heal this illness. However, just taking the nutrients I suggest in this section probably will not be enough by itself to heal the illness due to other factors that have contributed to the development of the illness. The entire program I present on this website contributes to the strengthening of the nervous system. So take the necessary nutrients to heal your nervous system, but at the same time, try to address all of the other factors that have contributed to your illness in order to improve your chances of success.

Consuming nutrients for the nervous system will push toxins out of your body. This is because when the body is supplied with nutrients it will replace the toxins in the body with the nutrients. Therefore, when you consume nutrients for the nervous system you receive two benefits: your nervous system gets stronger and you detoxify your nervous system.

There are some nutritional products that are extremely helpful for healing the nervous system:

Skullcap and Tissue Salts provide minerals necessary for the health of the nervous system. The Tissue Salts Kali Phos and Mag Phos are very specific to the nervous system. You may not need the Tissue Salts if you take the Skullcap Tincture; therefore, the Tissue Salts have been placed lower on this list.

Lecithin contains phospholipids, which are widely used throughout the body in cell membranes, such as those in the nervous system. Healthy saturated fats are used in cell membranes. High concentrations of Essential Fatty Acids are also found in the brain and nervous system. The word “essential” indicates that these fatty acids must be supplied in the diet, as they cannot be manufactured in the body. Fatty acids are one component of phospholipids.

Fish Oil is much easier to assimilate than Flax Seed Oil for some people because it contains oils that don’t need to be converted by the body; about 30% of the population cannot convert EFAs from plant sources efficiently into a form the body uses. If you try Flax Seed Oil and discover that it is not effective for you, try Fish Oil instead. One of the best oil blends is Udo’s Choice™ Oil Blend.

Make sure that you include both lipids and nutrients that provide minerals to the nervous system in your healing program. By including both types of nerve-building nutrients in your diet, you increase the chances of successfully healing the nervous system.

Some of these nutrients for rebuilding the nervous system may result in a healing crisis, so be careful. I had an extremely strong reaction to Tissue Salts when I started using them.

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