Healing Aids and Practices

Exercise Regularly

The body likes regular exercise. It strengthens the heart, bones and tissues and gets the blood flowing. By increasing blood flow, the body can more easily eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the blood. The liver and kidneys filter the blood. Also, some toxins are excreted by the skin and expelled by the lungs when exercising. I often found that exercising after radar exposure really increased my energy level and general sense of well-being.

However, I know what it is like to be unable to exercise as a result of exposure to electromagnetic fields; usually I was just too tired. Although it can be helpful at times, exercise can also be a strain when the health is very poor. You can make good progress in healing electrosensitivity without exercising regularly.

Video: A minimum of 1/2 hour of walking per day is the single best thing we can do for our health. Beyond that, I highly recommend an easy and gentle form of full body movement like Classical Stretch/Essentrics (see http://essentrics.com/) or Pilates: these methods only require about 1/2 hour per day but can be profoundly beneficial and life-changing. If we don’t move our muscles, they atrophy and result in disability eventually!

Diet for the Nerves