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EMF Protection Devices

WARNING: This is the most controversial part of the website. My belief in the usefulness of EMF protection devices is based partly on experience and partly on faith. There is not very much scientific research to support the claims made for these devices, so keep that in mind when you read this section. Some people believe these devices are useless and/or harmful. You will need to decide for yourself if they are safe and effective.

There are four reasons why an EMF protection device may be harmful to you:

  • The device may emit more energy than your body can comfortably handle. The energy the device emits is harmonious, like sunshine, but too much of it makes it a poison, just as too much sunshine can cause sunburn. I define this as “subtle energy overload”.
  • You can create bad karma very quickly by introducing an EMF protection device that emits more harmonious energy than your neighbors can easily handle, even if you benefit from it. For this reason, some of the devices on this list may not be appropriate for use in an apartment building, for example. If you start having dreams that symbolize going out of control or encroaching on others after installing a powerful device, that is a message that the device is too strong and must be sent back to the creator. What you do to others, you do to yourself.
  • The device emits energy that is harmonious for most people but is poisonous to you. This is a result of the uniqueness of an individual’s energy system.
  • The device emits energy that is not harmonious. That is, the energy the device emits is inherently poisonous for anybody exposed to it, in the same way that ionizing radiation (such as x-rays) is poisonous.

Please do not ask me help you choose EMF protection, because it is impossible for me to know which devices are safe for you as an individual to use. The only way to determine what EMF protection is helpful for you is through trial and error. A relatively healthy person will have a better chance of finding EMF protection that works than a sick person because the body of a healthy person is able to handle more energy than a sick person.

As your body gets stronger you will be able to handle more energy emitted by harmonious EMF protection devices, just as you will be able to handle more exposure to electromagnetic fields.

I have included on this list only devices that I feel are generally harmonious (most relatively healthy people who use them don’t get sick from them); nevertheless there will be some people who get sick from some or all of these devices. Pay careful attention to how your body reacts when using these devices: don’t just assume they are safe for you to use because they work well for most people. If you think a device is making you sick, stop using it for a few days and see if your health improves.

It is very important to distinguish between a healing response and getting sick from EMF protection devices. The primary symptom I experience when I benefit from almost any remedy or tool is fatigue or a pleasant feeling of tiredness as the life force is stimulated, but other people may experience symptoms that feel like radiation exposure as the body is cleansed of toxic energy accumulated from EMF exposure. When I experienced subtle energy overload, the feeling was one of pressure in the aura and body and a sickening nausea; subtle energy overload was always more unpleasant than symptoms from exposure to EMFs.

If the device you are using is healing for you, but you cannot handle using it all of the time because the healing response is too strong, simply limit your use of the device until your body is strong enough to handle constant use. The adjustment period could take weeks or months.

Space Suit

If you cannot significantly reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields and you do not have an advanced form of electrical sensitivity, I strongly recommend that you try one or more EMF protection devices. Unless your body is protected from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields or you can significantly reduce your exposure to them, you may make very slow or no progress towards healing electrical sensitivity. One device may not be enough to meet your needs, but more is not always better: as explained in the warning, too much subtle energy is harmful. When EMF protection is correctly chosen, it will introduce harmonizing energy to the body and it will reduce the overall stress experienced by the body and mind.

There are many devices on the market that claim to protect the user from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. I have listed only a few of them here that I believe are especially helpful:

The creators of these devices seem to have a deep understanding of subtle energy and electromagnetic fields in relation to health. Some of these creators are spiritually advanced and are very sensitive to subtle energy: they know what works because they can “see” and feel the effects of their creations on themselves and others. We owe much thanks to these creators: they are absolutely brilliant for producing such helpful products.

There are many other EMF protection devices on the market, but I believe some of them are actually harmful to the body. Both my beloved ex-wife and I got very sick from many of the devices I tried. Not all of the creators of subtle energy devices have enough understanding to create something that is entirely beneficial to the body, although I believe that is usually their intention. Also, the reasoning of some EMF protection makers is, because a device they make is safe for most people, it can be used without consideration of the minority that are harmed by it: such reasoning is not acceptable to me.

Although I believe the devices I recommend here may be the best on the market, you should be cautious when using them. If your nervous system is extremely weak, the subtle energy many of these devices emit may actually damage your nervous system even more and make you feel sick. You may need to strengthen your nervous system with other methods before you can use any of these devices safely. If you are experiencing severe or systemic nerve pain due to an advanced form of electrosensitivity, it is possible that none of these devices are safe for you to use.

Although EMF protection devices can be very helpful, most of them never provide complete protection from electromagnetic fields: EMF protection devices are aids, not cure-alls. The best protection from EMFs is a strong nervous system. The nervous system can be strengthened by following the healing program outlined on this website.

I have a strong preference for tools based upon sacred geometry and natural minerals because I feel that they are more natural and safer to use than some of the more sophisticated devices.

Merlin’s Amulets

Merlin’s Balancing Amulet is really amazing. It is inexpensive, but it is one of the most useful healing tools I have ever purchased. It is made with malachite, magnets, a herkimer diamond and copper coils. Malachite not only protects the body to a great degree from electromagnetic fields, it also heals the emotions and mind. The magnets keep the amulet cleansed and energized, and the herkimer diamond and the copper coils act like amplifiers.

This is a very powerful healing tool, so there is a chance that it may cause subtle energy overload in electrically sensitive individuals. However, because it is inexpensive, I recommend trying this device first for protection from electromagnetic fields. If it causes subtle energy overload, I recommend trying an EarthCalm Pendant next. The EarthCalm Pendant that I used was an earlier, less powerful version of the Traditional model. When the body is strong enough, you may benefit from wearing two or more pendants at the same time.

Merlin’s Jade Amulet is a powerful tool for cleansing the body from the effects of harmful electromagnetic fields, and can be used alternately with the Balancing Amulet.

The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer

The Co-Creative Brain and Body Field Enhancer is designed to adjust the spin of the energies from electric/electronic devices to a neutral or even positive spin. The Enhancer comes in the form of an inexpensive 7/8 inch self adhesive dome. It is easily applied to any emitting device and establishes a new harmonic relationship. Since you can’t/won’t live without these technologies why not make friends with them. The larger version of the Enhancer affects a large area so it may not be appropriate for use in an apartment building.

According to the creator, Michael Stodola, the Enhancer has been specially treated over several months and has an amazing consciousness, besides carrying the energy of the oms and yantra. People are giving this device rave reviews! Please see many testimonials confirming its effectiveness at: http://www.ablecrystals.com/enhancer.html

Aulterra Products

Aulterra sells an effective portable neutralizer (to be used on cell phones and other electronic devices) and a whole house plug. “The Aulterra Neutralizer is a small, unobtrusive disk that neutralizes harmful cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) protecting you and your family. The Aulterra Neutralizer is made from a patented blend of paramagnetic elements including cerium and lanthanum and a rare inorganic compound derived from a crystalline mineral found in only one known site in the world.”

The whole house plug can be a simple solution to EMF problems and it has a good track record for helping people, but some people are sensitive to the energy it creates. Like most EMF protection devices, it introduces high frequency energy into the environment, and it is too strong for some people. I only recommend using it in situations where you are sure that those affected by it can be monitored for adverse effects or when you are sure that those affected will benefit from it. The plugin effects up to 5000 square feet. In an apartment setting, it will affect the apartment that it is plugged into the most.

EarthCalm Devices

EarthCalm devices work by grounding the body into the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The human body is naturally attuned to the Earth’s electromagnetic field, which is required for optimal health, but man-made electromagnetic fields create energy disturbances within the body that prevent this attunement. When the body is grounded in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, it can more easily throw off the energy disturbances created by man-made electromagnetic fields.

I have tried many EMF protection devices, but these are the first ones that I tried that actually worked. They are very effective. In fact they are so effective that I could only use them for brief periods at first. I had no difficulty with using these devices when my nervous system was extremely weak. My favorite device from EarthCalm is the Traditional Scalar Resonator Pendant. See About.com’s article on the Scalar Resonator Pendant and EarthCalm technology.

EarthCalm devices have a 90-day money back guarantee.

VibesUP Earth Ionizer Pendant

This is a beautifully crafted and very effective pendant that seems to have a high degree of intelligence to adjust to the user’s environment. I like natural energies and the energy from this pendant seems to be very natural, based upon user testimonials.

Akaija Pendant

This beautiful and very affordable pendant strengthens the life force and is potentially a very effective tool for healing at all levels. It is a sacred geometry form similar to the Gensa Crystal. There is scientific evidence, based upon heart rate variability, that the Akaija is effective protection against harmful electromagnetic fields. The Akaija-Iloa pendant is very powerful and is recommended only for relatively healthy people.

The Harmonic Protector

The Harmonic Protector is an outstanding orgonite pendant that offers excellent protection from radiation in the most toxic environments! Your body and mind must be reasonably healthy in order to handle its power, but it is the only pendant you need and it minimizes the need for other EMF protection devices in your environment.

Q-Link Products

These can be very effective products for EMF protection. For a long time, I did not have these on my website because the way they work is not clear to me, and I had purchased one when I was electrically sensitive and it did not help me at all, but other people have told me that the Q-Link products work very well for them. Q-Link “works like a tuning fork, resonating with and strengthening the life-enhancing information already present within the biofield.” So, if your biofield is very unhealthy like mine was when I was electrically sensitive, the Q-Link might not work for you. I think you need to be relatively healthy to benefit from these products.

Q-Link products have a 90-day money back guarantee.

Graham-Stetzer Filters

These filters are used to reduce the high frequency noise in house wiring. The technology used is relatively easy to understand. They work extremely well for some people because dirty electricity can be a major cause of illness. Smart Meters produce a lot of dirty electricity.

Natural Action Water Devices

Natural Action Water devices can be used for EMF protection. The devices use plastic forms that replicate the action of a mountain stream and, in the dynamically enhanced versions of the devices, proprietary materials that dynamically enhance the water’s energy. The devices that are NOT dynamically enhanced should be safe for most people to use as protection from EMFs because they just use plastic forms to structure the water. However, the dynamically enhanced devices will be more effective, just as the name suggests. The high quality water that is created aids the body “to become more resilient” against the force of disruptive EMFs. Holland Franklin, who is an energy practitioner and distributor, introduced me to these products. She says that, “For me, the water has made me far less stressed, cleaner, and I recover more quickly from anything including over-exposure to wireless. If for some reason I don’t drink structured water for a little while, the contrast is quite noticeable. Also, the one consistent result I’ve heard from everyone who’s reported back about their experience of the water, is that everyone feels much more like themselves and notice an increasing harmony.” There are unique and profound benefits from structured water that are not found in any other healing modality that go far beyond protection from EMFs. Please phone Holland Franklin at 800-563-5501 for more information.

There are other devices that structure water from AquaCharge, Greenfield Naturals, the Centre for Implosion Research and World Living Water Systems.

Natural Action Water devices have a lifetime guarantee and a 90-day money back guarantee.

VibesUP EARTH on the BOTTOM Bottle

The EARTH on the BOTTOM Bottle is another device for creating healthy water like the Natural Action Water devices do, but it does have orgonite-like liquid crystal and as such it will not be suitable for everyone. However, I mention this device because it is very affordable and portable. As explained on the Vibes UP website, “Water conforms to the energy it is around more than any other element as shown by remarkable tests of Japanese Scientist Dr. Emoto. This makes our water instantly subject to its environment. Our water now shows up with the non-beneficial energy imprints of the EMF and Wireless information that is thick in the air around us. No matter how much we filter it with in a short time it conforms to the energy in its environment.” The water created by Natural Action Water devices will, in time, probably become less healthy due to exposure to EMF pollution, but the EARTH on the BOTTOM Bottle keeps the water it contains healthy due to the constant presence of the liquid crystal. This healthy water may significantly help reduce symptoms of electrosensitivty.

Earthing.com Products

Earthing.com sells products that are used to ground the body into Mother Earth. These products are wonderful if you have a good quality ground. The benefit of grounding increases proportionately to the length of time the body is grounded. Grounding benefits us by flooding the body with free electrons which provides a protective antioxidant-like effect, and it also drains away any unwanted buildup of electrical charge (static electricity and/or absorbed toxic energy). Some people who are electrically sensitive have accumulated a very large electrical charge, and this charge can disrupt or damage electrical or electronic equipment that is close to them in surprising ways.

If you are not experiencing profound health benefits from using these products, a poor quality ground connection is the probable cause. Some people have discovered that they experience much more benefit from grounding the bed pad into the earth directly instead of using the ground from the electrical socket, especially if a smart meter is installed, because smart meters create a lot of dirty electricity on the ground wire.

If you can’t afford to gamble away $150 plus shipping for an earthing bed pad but want to see if the technology works for you, a cheaper alternative to try is an earthing foot band with earthing cord. You could also try making earthing devices yourself, as described on Naturesplatform.com. Though grounding with a good quality ground has proven health benefits for most people, this technology, like any other, is not guaranteed to work for everyone. Please let me know if it works for you, or not.

Some people with advanced electrical sensitivity are so weak physically that they cannot handle the strong current that grounding brings into the body. Proceed with caution when you start using grounding tools: I suggest that you limit your use of them at first, perhaps even for a few minutes per day to start with.

WARNING: Building Biologists that I know about generally caution against using earthing devices because of the risks of doing harm. Dirty electricity is probably the main problem that people experience, but the technology can also act like an antenna for ambient wireless radiation, earthing bed sheets can cause reflections, there is potential for shock due to differential with other grounds, and the grounding rod could be inserted into earth that is not electrically neutral. They can be used successfully with expert help but otherwise you could be burned. Clinton Ober’s book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, contains some important guidelines for successful earthing and for this reason alone it is highly recommended reading before you experiment with the technology.

The BioMat

The BioMat is an FDA-approved medical device. The BioMat contains amethyst crystals which when heated emit far infrared and negative ions. A control panel allows heat to be adjusted between 95 and 158 degrees F. The healing effect is very harmonizing with results that are often profound and rapid, and as such it is suitable for use with many different health problems. Like the Natural Action Water devices and grounding tools, the BioMat is not specifically designed to protect from EMFs, but it can be extremely beneficial for very quickly recovering from EMF exposure. BioMats are considered to be medical equipment for pain relief, and also help people who are recovering from any kind of radiation treatment.

The BioMat has all of the benefits of grounding and more. Grounding is like flooding the body with negative ions, but the degree of benefit from grounding really depends upon the quality of ground, and the quality of ground connected to grounding tools is typically quite poor. Unlike grounding tools, the BioMat produces infrared heat and has amethyst energy, and the negative ions are much more stable than those produced by grounding tools because dirty electricity does not reduce the effectiveness of the BioMat. Many people experience benefits from grounding but the benefits from the BioMat are much greater.

The main problem with the BioMat is that it is out of the range of affordability for many people, so if you can’t afford a BioMat, then I suggest trying an earthing bed pad instead, because grounding often helps even if the quality of ground is not ideal due to dirty electricity. The other problem with the BioMat is that it is powered by electricity, so it may not be suitable for some electrosensitive individuals. Please phone Holland Franklin at 800-563-5501 for more information.

Sacred Geometry Jewelry and Forms

According to the founders of The Template Project, “wearing the Star Tetrahedron or the Tantric Star maintains the integrity of your electromagnetic energy field and repels negative energies, specifically strengthening the thymus gland where the production of T-cells maintains a healthy immune system.” For more information, please see the Geometry Wave website and ZaKaiRan’s website. ZaKaiRan sells some sacred geometry and other products that are not available from the Template Project: see his Tesla Energy Harmonizers. I really love ZaKaiRan’s website! Also see the sacred geometry forms sold by Able Crystals: I am feeling much more protected from microwave pollution since installing an 8-inch Star Tetrahedron.

In my experience, the Tantric Terra Prana Sphere Pendant is very strong. The Triple-Spin Tantric Star Pendant is much gentler but less effective.

Ka-Gold Jewelry

David Weitzman creates some jewelry that is helpful for protection from electromagnetic fields, including:

Ka-Gold Jewelry has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Light-Life Technology Products

These are higher priced products based upon sacred geometry. People who are electrically sensitive may be most attracted to the Personal Harmonizers and the Lotus Pendants.

Natural Crystals and Minerals

Shungite is an amazing natural mineral with powerful healing qualities. It can be used to protect from electromagnetic and geopathic radiation, as well as purify water that can be used to heal the body. Shieldite is another rare natural mineral that is very effective as EMF protection. See also this Charms of Light article and this HealingCrystals.com article on natural minerals used to protect and detoxify from electromagnetic fields. My favorite natural crystals for EMF protection are Shungite, Shieldite and Black Tourmaline. Natural crystals are generally relatively gentle in comparison with many other EMF protection tools (though large crystals can be very powerful), but most of them must be regularly cleansed energetically to work at peak efficiency. Shungite in the form of a pyramid is self-cleansing because of its geometric shape.

The Krystaline G

This device is very unusual in both simple design and very low cost. It harmonizes the energy in a room when placed correctly.

DNA Spiral

This spiral is used to harmonize the energy in a home, and it also strengthens the human energy field and physiology. Length is 14 cm (5 1/2 in). Also see the Atlantis Radiation Neutralizer, Atlantis Pendant, Atlantis Ring, and Atlantis Cross. Some of these affect a large area so they may not be appropriate for use in an apartment building.

Centre for Implosion Research Products

These are beautiful devices for EMF protection and energizing water. I really like the design of these devices because they are simple and beautiful. The technology used is relatively easy to understand and very harmonious, but it is probably too powerful for many electrosensitives.

CIR offers a 60-day money back guarantee.


This Metaform “takes the ubiquitous, chaotic EMF radiation surrounding us and moves it into coherent life enhancing rhythms.” This form is designed to spin with the help of a little ceiling spinner. This is probably one of the best EMF protection devices, but it is expensive. It may produce a very powerful energy field, suitable for harmonizing environments with a high degree of EMF pollution.

BioElectric Shield

This is a powerful pendant for protection from EMFs. Some people have great success with it, but some or all of the standard models will probably be too strong for many people who are electrically sensitive. However, I have placed the BioElectric Shield high on this list of EMF protection devices because the Shield is made with natural crystals, and the company offers a free service to help prospective customers determine which BioElectric Shield is safe to start with. Another thing that often comes with the free consultation is specific wearing instructions, as many sensitive people need to adjust to using the Shield gradually.

There are four standard levels of protection offered in four different models of the Shield (with style variations), and also a Shield can be customized for you. However, I feel strongly that you should not order a Shield if you are very susceptible to subtle energy overload, as the Shields are made with a charged or hyper-potentiated crystal matrix. This is my personal belief, but a representative of the BioElectric Shield Company has told me that the free consultation would be very helpful even for people who cannot wear a Shield, as the Company will be able to confirm that if that is true, and will even go as far as recommending products sold by other companies that are more suitable for some individuals.

I feel that the BioElectric Shield Company has very high integrity and wants happy customers.

The BioElectric Shield has a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Orgone Devices from Divining Mind

These devices apparently work very well for protection from EMFs. Electrically sensitive people may find the Orgo-Disk particularly helpful to reduce the harmful aspects of EMFs in the whole house: it is to be placed on the inside of the fuse box cover.

Fifth Element Orgone Products and Lightstones

Fifth Element Orgone Products and Lightstones are very beautiful orgonite creations, but they may be too strong for many people who are electrically sensitive. The Lightstones combining Orgonite with Shungite are very powerful!

Energized Pictures

Created by Jane Rees, these are inexpensive but very effective images that change detrimental energies in the room in which they are placed into beneficial energy. The energy that is changed includes all kinds of detrimental energies, not just harmful electromagnetic fields. Energized Pictures are based upon the same principle of grace as transformational prayer. However, Energized Pictures will not be able to transform detrimental energies in extreme situations. Jane also creates the Multi-Dimensional Healing Tool that is wonderful for healing and also offers some protection.

Gary Johnson’s Devices

Very effective pendant and broadcasting devices created by a skilled healer, Gary Johnson, who has become very skilled at treating electrical sensitivity. Gary’s knowledge of the illness seems to be way beyond my superficial knowledge.

The Information field that the Gary Johnson’s Devices produce, is composed of subtle energy vibration signatures. These Signatures organise a response in the human cellular energy fields to the incoming electro magnetic and geopathic radiations.

Green 8 Products

The famous infinity symbol is being put to good use with these reasonably priced environmental protection products. These devices apparently work by producing waveforms that cancel the harmful EMFs. There is more to it than that, but that’s a good summary of how I think this technology works. Some of these devices may be too strong for use in an apartment.

Green 8 Products have a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.


Rejuvenizers are made of dichroic glass. The different Rejuvenizer products contain different “programs” depending upon their intended use. The Personal Rejuvenizer is a pendant that was originally designed to protect the user from electromagnetic fields, but it also contains many other programs for mental, emotional, and physical healing. The Circuit Rejuvenizer is designed to be attached to the circuit breaker panel of your home. There is also a Cell Phone Rejuvenizer. Other Rejuvenizers are available for indoor environment, outdoor environment, traveling, raising the vibration of water, and there is even one for pets!

Rejuvenizers have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Safe Space Products

Safe Space Products are amongst the very best products on the market. The VitaPlex Life Force Pendant may be the best product Safe Space offers, and is unique because it “continually changes and adapts its ‘broadcasting’ to your unique energy field and your changing condition throughout the day.” Safe Space sells some advanced EMF protection and neutralization tools for correcting extreme EMF problems, but these tools are not found on the website.

Safe Space products have a 30-day money back guarantee.

If one device doesn’t work, try another one

If you buy one of these devices and it doesn’t work for you or is too strong for your neighbors, I suggest returning it and trying another one. I suggest that you work your way from the top of the list to the bottom. If you are on a tight budget, only try the devices that have a money-back guarantee.

Although these are my favorite devices, there are other devices on the market that may work better for you. However, there is a chance that none of the EMF protection devices on the market will work for you: they might not provide adequate protection and/or you might get sick from them. If this is your situation and you have the financial means, you could hire a company to provide electromagnetic field remediation solutions for your residence or business. A partial list of companies that provides EMF remediation services is found on the Services Links page of this website.

If you purchase any of the devices I recommend, please contact me and share your experience. I am very interested in knowing what works for you and what does not work for you so I can improve the information on this website.

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