Healing Aids and Practices

Correct Energy Flows

I believe that healing electrical sensitivity is very difficult without correcting disturbed energy flows in the body. Sometimes this condition is called “electron spin inversion” or “polarity reversal”. The experts in energy healing state that electron spin inversion is distinctly different from polarity reversal: electron spin inversion is said to occur at a quantum, or atomic level, whereas polarity reversal is definitely a larger scale disturbance to energy flows. There are energy polarites in the body, which are positive and negative points on the body, and these can become reversed or mixed-up. I believe that treatment for both types of disturbance to energy flows is the same or at least similar. These conditions can be corrected using healing tools, which I list here:

Grounding or earthing should also significantly increase your health. Recently, there has been significant research that has proven that grounding the body has profound health benefits: grounding dramatically reduces inflammation (which is strongly correlated with illness), reduces stress, thins the blood and is also one of the best antioxidants available because it floods the body with abundant free electrons. Grounding also seems to be one of the most effective methods of EMF protection due to this antioxidant effect, and it also drains away any unwanted buildup of electrical charge (static electricity and/or absorbed toxic energy).

The best way to ground is to put your bare feet into the ocean; next best is to walk on moist green grass. Walking barefoot on concrete sidewalks is also a good way to ground; concrete conducts earth energy but asphalt does not. Earthing.com sells some excellent grounding devices: I recommend that you purchase at least an earthing bed pad, even if you have the opportunity to ground by walking barefoot. The benefit of grounding increases proportionately to the length of time the body is grounded. However, grounding tools will only be beneficial if the quality of ground is good. The BioMat may be superior to grounding tools, but it is expensive and may not work for everyone because it is powered by electricity.

The importance of grounding has been forgotten by most people but this simple method is bound to become the easiest and most popular method for improving health. An excellent book on this subject is Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton Ober, and an excellent video on this subject is Dr. Mercola’s interview of Dr. James Oschman.

You may also be able to correct energy flows in your body by exercising regularly or by practicing Hatha Yoga or Qigong. Massage can also be a huge help. An electrically sensitive and very experienced Qigong instructor highly recommends Yin Yang Medical Qigong Beginner: she says, “I find the most benefit from Yin Yang Medical Qigong Beginner and it gives me the most peace, relaxation, energy, and removal of stress from EMFs as compared with other forms I also use. In addition, my Qigong healer/practitioner also feels that this form is far superior to the Yin Yang Medical Intermediate and Advanced forms, that are much more difficult to learn and practice.” The form can be learned from Shifu Jianye Jiang’s DVD, and studying the text referenced above is very helpful also.

I believe that properly correcting and maintaining energy flows in order to achieve and maintain optimal health requires more than the above tools and techniques. The rest of the healing aids and practices in this section describe what I believe is necessary for a deeper level of healing.

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