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Reduce Exposure to EMFs

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By reducing your exposure to electromagnetic fields you will reduce the stress on your body, especially your nervous system, and this will allow you to make much faster gains in your health. I believe this is because reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields not only reduces the stress from direct exposure to electromagnetic fields but it also gives the body a chance to detoxify accumulated toxic energy. When I was hypersensitive to radar, I could hardly make any gains in my health until I moved my office into a shielded room. By reducing the stress and toxic effects of radar on my body, I was able to begin eliminating more toxins than I was accumulating. I also had much more time and energy available for healing myself when my exposure to EMFs was reduced dramatically.

Reducing exposure to EMFs as a way of healing electrical sensitivity also fits the model of electromagnetic fields becoming allergens in electrically sensitive persons: as with any physical allergen, overexposure to electromagnetic fields can cause an allergic reaction. An excellent explanation of this concept can be found in the research paper on Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) or the BIE video. My approach to reducing the allergenic effects of electromagnetic fields by avoidance is becoming more difficult and in many cases impossible as wireless pollution continues to increase, so reducing the body’s allergenic reactions to electromagnetic fields using methods for that purpose is very promising! But I believe that treating electrical sensitivity only as an allergy will not bring lasting results. BioSET®, NAET and BIE have all apparently been used with success to help heal electrical sensitivity by treating harmful electromagnetic fields as an allergen. These methods probably purge the toxic energy from the body, as does grounding or earthing. The skill and experience of the practitioner may be important factors in achieving success.

Harmful sources of electromagnetic fields include:

Wireless Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and similar microwave technologies are extremely damaging to human health. WiMAX operates between 2GHz and 66GHz with a maximum range of 50km (31 miles). I believe that shielding and/or EMF protection has become a necessity in areas where these technologies are being used.

If you have electrical sensitivity, you may be aware of many other sources of EMFs that are harmful to you.

Don’t believe the claims made by utilities that wireless Smart Meters are harmless. According to the EMR Health Alliance of BC, “Hydro [British Columbia’s electric utility] said these meters only operated on average for a few minutes a day. These meters operate continuously emitting Radio Frequency Radiation at a low power density and send a powerful pulse of energy every few minutes. What Hydro means by the term on average is they add up all the pulses that take up a few micro seconds each so that the sum is a few minutes a day.” Not only do they emit very harmful levels of wireless microwave radiation, they also create dirty electricity. Some people claim that wireless Smart Meters do not pose a health threat because the average power level they emit is low, but the problem is the energy they emit is pulsed, with a high peak power level, and that combination is what makes them harmful. Also, I do not trust that the utility companies are telling the truth about the average power level emitted by Smart Meters; I believe they emit a much higher average power level than the utility companies say they do because people who have never before become sick from wireless radiation are getting sick from Smart Meters, and these experiences are supported by the Summary of Findings of the Smart Meter Radiation Assessment study produced by Sage Associates. Pacific Gas & Electric in California has begun removing Wireless Smart Meters due to health effects.

To immediately reduce the harmful effects of Smart Meters, I recommend using grounding devices from Earthing.com as much as possible (if they seem worth the risk after reading my warning), with a grounding rod as Smart Meters create a lot of dirty electricity, use Graham-Stetzer Filters to reduce the dirty electricity, and shield yourself from the Smart Meter radiation using Smart Meter Guard, Smart Meter Shield, or do it yourself very inexpensively with instructions found on YouTube. If you can, place a large piece of reflective insulation on the inside wall opposite the meter. See also LessEMF.com’s smart meter shielding solutions and examples. Other EMF protection can also be used.

Ideally, prevent a Smart Meter from being installed in your home, or if you have one installed already, get it replaced with a traditional human-read meter. If you are renting, try to convince your landlord that Smart Meters are bad for business because the general public will eventually realize that Smart Meters are harmful.

Remediation of Electromagnetic Fields

For the basics of remediation, please watch Jeromy Johnson’s video, Reducing Your EMF Pollution. Jeromy has written a book on this subject called, How to Find a Healthy Home. I believe Jeromy’s website, http://www.emfanalysis.com, is one of the best on the subjects of electrical sensitivity and EMF remediation.

There are also some short guides from Citizens for Safe Technology (http://c4st.org/):

If you have the financial means, you could hire a company (or a Building Biologist) to provide electromagnetic field remediation solutions for your residence or business, or at the very least, to complete an electromagnetic field survey of your home. A partial list of companies that provide EMF remediation services is found on the Services Links page of this website. Remediation with the help of an expert is the first place to start if you have the means.

Determining the low frequency and radio frequency sources of radiation (especially microwave sources) is key to successful remediation. The meters sold by Gigahertz Solutions are excellent. For measuring microwaves I prefer a meter with broadband coverage that has a peak hold option and a directional antenna. The upper range of affordable meters is about 10GHz, but this does not cover the frequency range of some of the latest technologies like WiMAX, which can operate up to 66GHz.

Instructions for doing your own electromagnetic field survey are found in the book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation, a complete guide for protecting your health, by Jim Waugh. Without an electromagnetic survey, you can only guess which sources of radiation may be affecting you, and your guesses may be grossly inaccurate, with serious consequences.

Low EMF Computing

Jeromy Johnson has dedicated some pages to low EMF computing:

Demand Switches

Electrical wiring will act as a broadcasting antenna for the power grid, even if nothing is plugged into it. Demand Switches are designed to turn off circuits that are not drawing any power, in order to reduce the broadcasting antenna effect of electrical wiring. Demand switches are a convenience: if these cannot be installed, then manually switching off unused circuits will have the same effect. This will give the body a better rest, especially during the sleeping hours when there is no need for electricity, thus improving health.


There are many shielding products available from companies like RF Sensitive Solutions for people who are electrically sensitive. These may be helpful for anyone with electrical sensitivity, and may be absolutely necessary for people experiencing extreme EMF pollution.

Shielding tools are relatively safe compared to EMF protection devices. If you get sick from EMF protection devices, then shielding is a safe and effective alternative. Shielding may not protect you completely from EMF pollution, but it should help significantly.

Shielding may not be easy to do. It can be subject to a lot of trial and error, and this can be very expensive. However, if you have the money and there is no alternative, go for it. Shielding an entire space (room or building) is often necessary for adequate protection and to avoid reflections.

EMFAnalysis.com promotes (but does not sell) very effective bed canopies. They should help significantly with protection from radiofrequency pollution. Please see the demonstration video for proof of effectiveness for the bed canopies.

Please see Zoka Zola’s web page on successfully shielding a house: “As an architect, I was able shield my house and office and reduce EMF by about 97.5%. The project took lots of studying and experimentation. I know that there is lots of doubt in the community of electro-sensitive people if shielding can be done successfully, which is particularly important since it is very expensive to shield a house, and realistically there is potential to make things worse.”

One of the most promising shielding products is AegisGuard for washable fabrics: according to the company, this product can significantly help people who are electrosensitive. Aegis Corporation also sells radiation shielding products that can be applied to electronic equipment and painted surfaces. From a customer: “I am extremely electrosensitive and suffered greatly until I began using their laundry, paint and spray products several years ago. Quite frankly, their products changed my life.”

I personally used hot water heater insulation to protect me from radar while I was working. Hot water heater insulation looks like bubble wrap with an aluminum foil backing on one side. The insulation helped me significantly, and probably saved my life. I believe that reflective insulation that “consists of 1 layer of 5/32 inch (4mm) polyethylene bubble that is sandwiched between two metalized, low emissivity surfaces” is even better for protection and is easier to work with than hot water heater insulation. Ground the shielding for best results.

Shielding can help tremendously. However, some shielding materials, such as aluminum, are toxic to some degree, so covering an entire room with them may not be wise. The main consideration with these toxic materials is: are they helping much more than hurting? The aluminum and off gassing of the plastics in the hot water heater insulation that I used to protect me from radar was toxic, but much less so than the radar pollution it was protecting me from. Also, shielding may be combined successfully with less powerful EMF protection devices such as pendants, but be careful combining shielding with the more powerful devices as there may be unhealthy interactions between the energy emitted by a device and the shielding material.

Some building materials provide much better shielding than others. For example, concrete buildings provide much better shielding than wooden buildings. For more information, please read the technical document, Shielding by Building Materials, from http://www.eiwellspring.org/

Reducing Static Electricity

Static electricity can have a very significant negative impact on some people with electrosensitivity. Synthetic fabrics tend to accumulate a significant static charge, whereas natural fabrics do not. Huge benefits may be experienced by replacing synthetic clothing with cotton or organic cotton clothing, and by changing the bedding to a natural latex mattress, cotton or fleece (wool) sheets, down comforters and down pillows.

Transformational Prayer

Healer Jane Rees and dowser Joey Korn have discovered that prayer can be used to neutralize the harmful sources of radiation. See Jane Rees’ article and Joey Korn’s article on transformational prayer. The prayer for neutralizing harmful sources of radiation is as follows:

If it be Thy will, may the Powers of Nature converge to increase and enhance the beneficial energies and reduce any detrimental energies emanating from or associated with these power lines (or my computer etc) and bless this room with the frequency of unconditional Love, for now and into the future, for as long as is appropriate. In deep gratitude, Amen/it is done.

Here is another version of the prayer:

Dear God (or however you address the Divine), please bless this device and the energies radiating from it to bring healing and balance to the complete beings of all who enter this space, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you. Amen.

See also Joey’s Simple Blessing Process. I don’t know if a single prayer will work for you, but if you pray this prayer continually your problem may be solved, God willing. I usually need to say the same prayer over and over again before I notice a significant response from God. In my experience, a single prayer does not solve any of my problems, but perhaps your experience is different from mine.

Joey Korn offers Remote Spiritual Houscleaning Services. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Joey can help you clean up your detrimental energies (make them beneficial) and attract new beneficial energies to help you draw whatever you most desire into your life. Joey then works with you to change the detrimental energies to be beneficial and call in new beneficial energies. This helps to maintain the beneficial energy configuration and helps you learn to do it yourself from that point on.

Correct Energy Flows