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Other Healing Tools

Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra
Mike Horvath

The tools in this section are worth investigating because they may help with general healing.

Some of the tools in this section are based upon sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is very powerful: it represents perfection in nature as God intended it to be. Sacred geometry is found throughout nature, including in the human body.

The fundamental geometric figure found in all of nature is the Vesica Pisces, which is a diamond-like shape formed from the intersection of two circles. The Flower of Life is formed from a grid of intersecting circles. All of the sacred geometric forms can be found within the Flower of Life.

Many of the tools in this section are also useful as EMF protection devices. This is because they bring order (harmony) to the environment of the user.

Some of these tools may cause subtle energy overload in electrically sensitive individuals because they are quite powerful. Therefore, these tools could be used when you are further along in your healing and able to handle their energy.

Metaforms e. Pendant

This amazing device is a powerful tool that uses sacred geometry and gemstones for spiritual growth. It also helps to protect from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

Diamond Energetics Disk

This Disk is a powerful thought amplifier. Not for the faint of heart.

Arkadian Collection

This is an amazing collection of Moldavite jewelry. Moldavite is a deep green amorphous crystal, or natural glass, formed from meteoric impacts. Moldavite is deeply healing.

Beta Blocker Devices

A little on the fun side, these tools with varying purposes apparently really work well!

Transcendence Design Yantras

Beautiful Yantras sold by a western healer, Sherri Silverman. There are many Yantras on the market but these are unique and beautiful. Sherri’s Yantra Guidebook is highly recommended.

Veden-Akademie Shop

Large Yantras and beautiful Mandalas at an affordable price.

Pearl Editions Sri Chakra Collection

Pricey but very effective Sri Chakra prints. My favorite is Sri Chakra 45. You can get these mounted on displays so that they glow in the dark!

Lightcodes Pendants

These are colorful and unique pendants for healing.

MegaChi Pendant

The MegaChi Pendant is primarily a spiritual tool designed to raise the user’s vibration, but it also partially protects the user from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

The MegaChi Pendant has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Ultimate Healing Program