Healing Aids and Practices

In this section of the web site I will list the healing aids and practices that I have found helpful for me in overcoming my hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Although I believe I have discovered some principles that will guide anyone who wants to be free from the illness, healing is a complex subject, and what works for me may not work for you: I believe this is a fundamental principle of healing because everyone is unique. You may find that implementing some aspects of my healing program (specific remedies and products) may not work or may even be harmful. One person’s medicine can be another person’s poison.

The way to heal or overcome electrical sensitivity is to take a multi-faceted approach:

The basic idea is to reduce exposure to environmental toxins and purify and strengthen the body and mind. Everyone has a different story, but the parts of this program that were absolutely critical for me to become free from electrical sensitivity, in order of importance, are:

However, all of the parts of this program are important, especially diet: if you eat junk food or processed foods containing harmful additives, don’t expect to heal your electrical sensitivity. As the saying goes, if you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting. Healing a major illness often requires radical changes in lifestyle.

Be Patient

Healing electrical sensitivity can take a long time. It took a long time for the body to become damaged, so it may take a long time for the body to repair itself. The time it takes to heal depends upon how badly damaged your body and energy system are from electromagnetic fields, poor diet, toxins and other stressors, other illnesses you may have, your ability to assimilate nutrients, and also upon following the program that I have outlined as closely as possible. I was free from electrical sensitivity after aggressively following the basic program for about one year.

The Straw Analogy

Think of when you drink juice in a glass using a straw. As long as there is still some juice in the glass, it seems as if there will be no end to the supply of juice entering your mouth. But in reality, if you look at the glass while you are sipping, you can see the level of liquid dropping as you sip. Even if you don’t look at the glass, you eventually discover that all of the liquid is gone and you start sucking on air!

That is how healing of certain types of physical and emotional disease often occurs in my experience. Like the juice coming through the straw, the “flavor” of the illness seems to not change much as you apply the remedies; you don’t notice that your “glass” of illness is being emptied. You feel as if nothing is changing; your condition seems as bad as ever. Then, suddenly, there is a major positive shift in health, and you realize that your remedies have had a profound effect.

The reason why it appears as if nothing is happening even though you are experiencing cleansing symptoms is simply because there is so much to be healed; the body and mind have limited capacity for healing: the channels of elimination in your mind and body is your “straw”, and they can’t empty the glass of illness all at once. Keep “sipping” and have faith!

If you are very perceptive, you will notice a gradual shift from day to day when using powerful healing methods; I have this experience all of the time. The “weight” of the “liquid of illness” is getting lighter. But there is so much to be healed that even using very powerful tools, the progress can seem agonizingly slow.

As long as your rate of healing exceeds your rate of poisoning, your general health will improve: this is the primary law of healing. However, it is best to address the weakest points of illness first to ensure a safe recovery.

Only Take Remedies That Your Body Needs

I have listed many remedies on this website in the following sections. There are many remedies that do basically the same thing, such as strengthening the nervous system or detoxifying the body. You should not take all of the remedies I suggest all at the same time just because they are on my list of suggested remedies. You will need to limit the number and quantities of remedies to what your body can handle, and you should only take the remedies your body needs. I could only handle a maximum of one or two nutritional supplements at a time for healing the nervous system, but you may be able to handle more than that. If your body needs a remedy, you will experience a healing response. Listen to your body! Also, I suggest that you add only one remedy at a time to your healing program: there are two reasons for this:

Some of the remedies are listed as alternatives so that you may choose the ones that appeal to you, and other remedies complement each other. If the first remedy you choose works, then stick with it until you feel no more benefit from it. If the first one you try doesn’t work, try another one on the list. Use your common sense.

One remedy that can always be taken with the other remedies is Organic Milk Thistle Tincture. Milk Thistle is a herb that is very specifically used to support the liver: it greatly reduces the stress that the liver experiences while you are on an intensive healing program like the one I have outlined. The liver takes on much or most of the burden of detoxification. Milk Thistle is food for the liver.

Don’t Overdo It

Healing or cleansing too quickly can result in a great deal of stress on the organs of assimilation and elimination, especially the liver and kidneys. This is called a “healing crisis”. If you find that you are constantly overtired as a result of taking nutrients to strengthen the nervous system or while on a cleansing program, you may be overstressing your organs of assimilation and/or elimination. I was in a hurry to get healed, and I often overstressed my body by taking too much of a remedy. As a result, my body became sensitized to the remedy, and I could no longer use it. I would have to find something else in order to continue healing.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing no reaction at all to a remedy, then you are probably using the wrong remedy; your body probably doesn’t need it. Do your own research and find something that works if the remedies I suggest don’t work for you. The body must work to eliminate toxins and repair the nervous system, and this takes a great amount of energy. You should feel pleasantly tired (not overtired) as your body repairs itself; you should not feel sick or experience nausea from taking remedies. If you experience a high degree of discomfort from taking a remedy, you may be sensitized to it as a result of overdosing, or you may be intolerant or allergic to it.

As you progress in your healing, you will experience less of a reaction to the remedies that you take: you will not get as tired from taking the same amount of a remedy, and you will be able to take more of a remedy without overstressing your body. When you no longer experience a reaction to any of the remedies, you should be free from electrical sensitivity or, at the very least, your condition should have greatly improved.

Measures of Health

The length of time that you can easily hold your breath is a good measure for general health. Healthy individuals with a normal breathing pattern are generally able to hold their breath after exhalation for 40 to 60 seconds without any discomfort. The breath hold time is called the Control Pause in the Buteyko Method for healing asthma. One way to monitor your progress is to regularly measure your control pause.

When a person is very electrically sensitive, dowsing rods will diverge when a water source (like the tap on a kitchen sink) is approached; for a person without electrical sensitivity, the dowsing rods will converge. A good pair of dowsing rods can be purchased from Joey Korn, or you can make them yourself from metal coat hangers.

Laboratory testing is one of the most effective tools available to guide you to improve your health. The BodyBio Wellness Report is an excellent way to determine your nutritional needs. “BodyBio Reports provide detailed information, above and beyond that of a lab’s limited normal or abnormal results, by expanding the information and linking it to the medical research for a precise and comprehensive health improvement plan.” Also see the other website for the BodyBio Wellness Report: www.bodybio-wellness.com. If you are electrically sensitive, your body may have difficulty assimiliating nutrients due to cellular dysfunction, but you should take the nutrients anyway. Your cells will assimilate nutrients better as your electrical sensitivity is healed.

Computerized Electrodermal Screening (EDS) is also a very effective method of measuing health in the hands of a skilled practitioner: “How EDS works is based on the scientific concept that, at the subatomic level, physical matter is simply bundles of quantum energy. At the atomic level, the exchange of electrons produces electricity that is measurable using an EDS unit. Cancer cells, viruses, toxic chemicals, and other causes of disease all exhibit a measurable level of energy that raises or lowers our natural bioenergy levels.”

Expert Help

If you wish to avoid the trial and error approach to save yourself time and suffering, please consider getting help from a health professional specializing in healing environmental illness like Gary Johnson, who has tools to determine the causes of electrical sensitivity.

I haven’t tried all of these tools

Although I have used many of the healing tools I list in this section, I haven’t tried all of them. I have done some research to find some excellent tools that may or may not appeal to you or work for you. I like exploring the Internet to find out what healing tools are available, and so I have provided a wide selection of interesting tools for you to investigate.

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