Causes of Electrical Sensitivity

General Toxicity

It seems that general toxicity within the body also contributes to electrical sensitivity. When the body is generally toxic, it is weaker and thus more susceptible to illness than a healthy body. Toxic food, air, and water all contribute to general toxicity, and more people are aware of this than ever before: witness the increasing popularity of organic foods, filtered water and cleansing programs. Mercury amalgam dental fillings can create a huge toxic load on the body, leading to many serious health problems. There are many harmful chemicals that people are exposed to, both at home and in office or industrial settings.

I also believe that man-made electromagnetic fields can somehow produce harmful toxins within the body. This is because when I became extremely ill from exposure to electromagnetic fields, the toxic load within my body seemed to increase, and I would experience symptoms of chemical sensitivity: I was more aware of and affected by toxins in the air in places like bookstores and hardware stores. My heart would also pound more heavily, indicating that there were more toxins in the blood. Dark “circles” would appear under my eyes, indicating liver stress (the eyes are reflexively or energetically connected to the liver). I had a few other symptoms from exposure to electromagnetic fields that seemed to suggest that man-made electromagnetic fields could produce harmful toxins within the body. I’m really not sure why this happens, but my guess is that man-made electromagnetic fields somehow disturb the normal chemical reactions within the body of electrosensitive individuals, thus producing toxins instead of beneficial chemicals. Accumulated toxins from previous exposures to electromagnetic fields may somehow resonate with the electromagnetic fields of new exposures, especially within the nervous system.

Poor Diet