Causes of Electrical Sensitivity

Man sick from electrical sensitivity
How I used to feel after getting zapped by radar.
Steve Woods

I believe that electrical sensitivity is primarily caused by a severe weakening of the nervous system. Why should this be the case? The nervous system is the primary means of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy throughout the body. My theory is that when the nervous system is weak, less energy is required to cause a disturbance within it: its capacity for handling abuse is greatly reduced, and even a small input of the wrong kind of energy can result in illness.

I believe that the nervous system is weakened by stress, and when the nervous system is broken down due to stress, it is more susceptible to pollution from toxins elsewhere in the body. When the healthy structure of the nervous system is lost and/or toxins replace good structures found within the nervous system, the nervous system no longer conducts energy efficiently: it becomes weaker, and hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields gradually develops.

The immune system can be defined as strength of life force in the body and mind. A healthy person has an unimpeded flow of life force in body and mind. An unhealthy person has energetic blockages (physical and/or mental) that prevent unimpeded flow of life force. I believe that the root cause of a weak nervous system is usually a weakened life force.

I believe that the main causes of electrical sensitivity (that weaken the immune and nervous systems) are:

In my case, I believe that emotional stress and poor diet were the main causes of electrical sensitivity, and that exposure to electromagnetic fields only revealed the weakness in my nervous system. Other people will have developed electrosensitivity as a result of a different combination of causes than I had, or there may be just a single cause (though I believe that is rare).

Electrical sensitivity may manifest differently in different people. For example, my primary symptom was fatigue, whereas others experience sharp pain. A common misconception many people have about electrosensitive individuals is that they should immediately feel when they are being harmed by man-made electromagnetic fields, but in reality there is often a delayed reaction to harmful exposures. When I was electrosensitive, I would usually experience the worst symptoms from toxic electromagnetic fields a day after exposure to them.

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