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Gilligan Joy
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Hello, my name is Gilligan Joy. This website is designed to help those struggling with hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields, which is commonly known as electrical sensitivity or electrosensitivity. Although I am not a health professional, I believe that I have some insight into the cause of electrical sensitivity and present some ideas that may prove extremely helpful in finding a cure for the disease. As far as I am aware, this information is not provided elsewhere on the Internet in the way I present it here. There are some clues about the causes of and possible cures for electrical sensitivity presented elsewhere on the Internet and in books, which I have collected and presented here on this website.

This information was gathered through personal experience and research over the past few years as I struggled with the illness until eventually I became free from it. In hindsight, the apparent cause and cure of electrical sensitivity seems obvious to me, and I wish I had this information in the late 1980’s when I developed the first signs of the illness. This knowledge would have saved me a tremendous amount of suffering, and I hope that this website will help reduce the suffering of others.

Importantly, I am not presenting a cure-all for all people suffering from electrical sensitivity. Although I believe I have discovered some principles that will guide anyone who wants to be free from the illness, healing is a complex subject, and what works for me may not work for you: I believe this is a fundamental principle of healing because everyone is unique. You may find that implementing some aspects of my healing program (specific remedies and products) may not work or may even be harmful. One person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. Throughout this web site, I will indicate where I feel that caution needs to be taken by the reader attempting to adapt my program to his or her own use.

However, I know with absolute certainty that some people will be successful in freeing themselves from electrical sensitivity by doing the same things that I did, and others will do so by making appropriate changes to the program I present here. I believe that the program I present here is a very good foundation for anyone who wants to be free from the illness: applying some of the basic principles of this program is necessary for healing electrical sensitivity, but it may not be sufficient for everyone who wants to be free from the illness. You will need to be very persevering to be successful and have the resources and opportunities you need to recover from the illness. The advanced form of electrical sensitivity is much more difficult to heal than the milder form that I experienced, and may require much more knowledge to heal than I offer on this website.

I have a personal belief in the non-dualist yoga philosophy taught by Paramahansa Yogananda. I believe that healing is getting closer to God, that God is the only healer, and no method of healing will work without God’s grace. There is some text on this website that is spiritual in nature. If you don’t accept something that I have written, please ignore it. Please take only from this website those ideas that help you. I think that what really matters most in life is striving to perfect our will so that we eventually always do that which is loving. After that, how we model the world is relatively unimportant, I think.

My understanding of electrical sensitivity has developed over the years since I first created this website in December of 2006. My original belief was that electrical sensitivity was always a disease that resulted in a disabling or nearly disabling condition due to an extremely weak nervous system, resulting in great difficulty with functioning in society and living in typical dwellings found in cities. However, now I believe that there is also a form of electrical sensitivity that is due to an individual’s natural awareness of finer forces, of which man-made electromagnetic fields are a part: people with this natural sensitivity to finer forces are often spiritual seekers. I believe that people who are more advanced on the spiritual path are naturally more aware of finer forces than the average person due to their good karma and more purified mental states: these people will be more aware of the detrimental energies of man-made electromagnetic fields than most people and will often suffer from some health problems due to them, but they usually won’t experience disability as a result of exposure to them because they have relatively strong nervous systems. Sometimes however, somewhat more spiritually advanced people experience the disabling form of electrical sensitivity. The most spiritually advanced people, those approaching sainthood, have very strong bodies in order to handle high spiritual currents and therefore, I believe that they are probably not affected adversely by electromagnetic fields.

I believe that people with both types of electrical sensitivity may benefit from the information that I present on this website, and everyone in between. However, the text on this website is written primarily for people who experience disability to some degree from electromagnetic fields due to an extremely weak nervous system. For example, the page on EMF protection devices is written for people who have electrical sensitivity as a disability: most relatively healthy people will be able to use all of the EMF protection devices I have listed, but people who are truly disabled by electromagnetic fields very often have difficulty using any EMF protection devices because their bodies and energy systems are very weak; attempting to use such devices often damages their bodies because such devices emit more energy than their bodies can safely handle.

Gilligan Joy
January 2011

Another story of EHS by Steve Weller

A personal EHS Case Study is a professionally written report on EHS by Steve Weller: “I felt compelled to write this personal case study because through my own personal experiences I have found that there is a serious lack of understanding of what Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), also commonly referred to as Electrosensitivity (ES), is and its cause.” This is an extremely well-written report and it is relatively short. EHS sufferers may benefit from giving copies of this report to the skeptics in their life. There is also some good advice in this report on how to protect yourself from EMF pollution.

Also see the video from Time Magazine called “Searching for a Golden Cage” on EmfAnalysis.com.

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